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Real Men Moisturise

Men - we are hopeless when it comes to taking care of our largest organ. No, get your mind out of the gutter; I'm talking about your skin.

Guys come into my waxing clinics every day, and in the colder months, I see your bodies changing.

So with winter approaching, here in Australia at least, I'm trying to get the message out there once again.

If you're overseas, keep reading anyway. Your winters are a lot worse than ours, and yours is not too far away. Forget all that summery stuff. It's time to freeze. Winter - right now - is the time of year that your skin needs your attention the most.

Real Men Moisturise

In one word, here's the big scoop - Moisturise.

One final thing before we launch forth, is don't ask your wife or girlfriend's advice on the subject. They don't know what they're talking about. Women's skin is made of silk and honey and soft fluffy kittens. Men's skin is made of second-hand conveyor belt rubber and old bits of wire.

But moisturising makes me feel oily!

This is the most common complaint I hear from men and it's a fair call, but try not using as much, and also look at how thick the lotion is before you buy it.

If you want a thinner lotion, search for moisturisers labelled 'body milk' or similar, and avoid products labelled 'rich and thick' or 'body butter'.

What type of moisturisers should I buy?

To cover the essentials, you will need:

The skin and face are different types of skin. You can't use a body moisturiser on your face because it will clog up your pores and you'll get acne. Your face needs a specific type of moisturiser with smaller molecules to be properly absorbed. Your eyes are particularly delicate. That is why they also need a specific type of lotion.

Most body moisturisers can be used on your hands and feet too, but if you suffer from particularly dry hands or cracked heels and toes, I also strongly recommend:

middle aged man inspecting his dry skin

When should I moisturise?

Only moisturise when your skin is clean. After you shower is perfect for your body and face areas. If using a foot cream, apply it under thick socks when you go to bed. You can also wrap your feet in cling wrap to protect your socks and sheets. For hand cream, use it throughout the day immediately after you've washed your hands.

What else can I do to help my skin?

Exfoliating in the shower with a quality bath oil is great - and when I say exfoliate, I don't mean an exfoliating gel - Buy a pair of those rough shower mitts you see at the supermarket for a few dollars. They turn any bath oil or lotion into a exfoliation session AND without hurting the environment like exfoliation bath gels do.

As far as salon-grade treatments go, a good place to start is Diamond Microdermabrasion, which cleans out your pores and gently abraids away your dead skin cells.

The next level of intense moisturising are Serum Infusions which infuse your deep skin layers with serums that provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to look younger and fresher.

Other tips to keep your looking younger

So that's it guys. My skin survival tips for winter. Follow them and you'll come into summer looking a lot better than you do right now.


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