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Sex after a Male Brazilian Wax

A male Brazilian or Manzilian is a waxing treatment to remove some or all of the pubic hair from a man's genitals. For each guy, that process is pretty much the same, but the recovery time and how horny we feel afterwards, can vary.

Why am I so horny after a Manzilian Wax?

Clients often comment that they feel unusually horny after getting a male Brazilian wax. It can be a little frustrating for first-timers, as the sensation of increased and urgent libido is common in the hours and days and weeks after receiving a 'manzilian'.

You'll need to get used to it. This is your new reality. That enhanced state of horniness is the main reason guys get their balls and penis waxed.

Everything about waxing your pubic hair makes life better. Your reflection in the mirror looks better, fuelling your sexual self esteem. On top of that, your hygiene is better, sex feels better, masturbation feels better, and the chance of your partner performing oral sex is much higher. What's not to love?

This new state of hyper-awareness and arousal, starts with the treatment itself.

The perineum expands due to the engorged corpus spongosium of the erect penis

At some point after your therapist begins waxing, many guys notice a transition from pain to something less awful.

Most notably, the therapist's touch feels more direct, as the buffer zone of curly hair between the skin of your penis and scrotum and perineum, and your therapist's fingers, no longer exists.

This is why most guys start to bone up during the second half of the wax, whether they want to or not. It doesn't mean anything. There's nothing wrong with you. It's just a new sensation.

Your sensory receptors are firing, your mind is frazzled, and all the while, a caring stranger is applying warm wax and rubbing oils and lotions into your hairless erection. Of course that feels good. 🚀 🙈 🤣

A note about waxing room etiquette

Manzilian waxing etiquette is a whole separate topic of its own. Definitely read my article:

Waxing Etiquette for a Male Brazilian

Heightened libido

Once back in the outside world, you will become instantly aware of how your newly smooth package feels against your underwear or just sliding against your thigh. It even feels great just holding it when you go for a pee.

You also become conscious of your perineum as if for the first time, and are constantly aware of its smoothness, especially when your penis is hard. Riding a bike with a waxed perineum is next level.

In fact, anything that brushes against your smooth cock and balls, be it clothing or skin or sheets, or just standing butt naked in front of a fan, still damp from the shower, feels totally amazing.

How soon can I have sex after getting a men's Brazilian Wax?

men's bikini waxing skimpy Bonds Dynamite underpants

For some guys, you can hit the sheets with your partner almost straight away. For others, you might find it best to wait a few days. It all depends on how your body responds.

Note for younger guys, say mid to late teens who are still in the throes of puberty, recovery time from waxing pubic hair is a usually a little longer due to hyper hormonal activity. It will improve though.

Assuming you keep coming back and that you do so in a timely manner, i.e., 4 to 6 weeks, your hair roots don't have time to fully develop to their original size.

Your body adapts after each wax and your recovery time decreases to the point where waxing feels like a non-event.

To get down to fine details, the waxing process involves each hair being pulled out of the skin, separating each of your curly locks from its supporting muscle (the arrector pili), surrounding skin tissue, and sometimes the capillary that supplies the hair with nutrients.

It is this microscopic damage that can leave some people with temporary blood spotting - the capillaries - or a bumpy orange peel effect - tiny muscle cramps of each arrector pili.

What can I do to speed up healing time?

Reef After Wax Lotion

Your waxing studio should have a specialty post-waxing product in stock, such as Reef After Wax Lotion or similar. Buy it.

This will help alleviate both orange peel and blood spotting issues, usually in a matter of hours. Salty warm water or a dip in the ocean can also prove beneficial, but no chlorine pools or hot tubs.

Don't use a general antiseptic like Dettol or Savlon. You will only make it worse.

While any irritation persists, I wholeheartedly recommend NOT rapturously rubbing your genitals against someone else's skin as you are begging for an infection to develop.

It doesn't matter whether you have vaginal or anal or oral sex. All those fun cavities are full of bacteria that you seriously don't want sliding along your tender junk just yet.

Wank if you feel compelled to release the pressure after your wax (at home, not on the waxing table). Don't grip too hard and if the skin feels tender, stop. Use your after-wax lotion as lubricant - nothing else.


So, the crux of the story is:

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