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Active Enzyme Hair Removal Rockhampton

If you've ever waxed, you'll know how annoying it is to have to keep getting treatments forever. Active Enzyme (AE) changes that. AE is a brilliant way of enhancing your waxing treatments that can produce longterm results similar to, and sometimes better than, laser or IPL.

At its core, the Active Enzyme treatment is based on the proven Depilar enzyme formula from Denmark, combined with unique remedial techniques developed by Reef over the past twenty years.

Being enzyme based with no side effects, AE is suitable for all skin types, ages, and hair colours, which fills a gaping void in the hair removal industry for clients with light hair or dark skin, who are otherwise unsuitable for IPL or laser treatments.

Please look through the FAQ section below to see how Active Enzyme can work for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call on 49267778 or use the online form on the contacts page.

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Questions & Answers ~ Active Enzyme

OK this is new. I've never heard of enzymes being used for hair removal before.

Actually, you probably have without realising it. If you have ever bought an after-wax cream or lotion that claims that it will help reduce your hair growth rate after each application, it contains some form of enzymes.

After-wax lotions are cheaper and I can do it at home. Why should I get an active enzyme treatment?

Not all enzymes are equal. Uniquely, the Depilar formulation combines Trypsin and Chymotrypsin which together provide efficacy rates far exceeding what you can buy off the shelf at a salon. You can make similar comparisons with any type of skin product, e.g. you can buy Clearasil for your acne and it may or may not work, or you can go to a dermatologist and get a prescription for Isotretinoin which will do the job properly. Exactly the same principle.

Additionally, enzyme based formulas have a very small window of time to be applied in order to achieve results - something that isn't written on the label of after-wax products. In reality, you only have about five minutes to apply the solution immediately after waxing. You also need to apply the solution in the right direction for that body part area. That is why this type of treatment only works in a clinic environment AND is performed by a specialist who understands the distinct hair growth patterns of different parts of the human body.

What does an active enzyme treatment involve?

It depends on the area you want treated, but basically the process begins with waxing, then the enzyme formula is kneaded into your skin, forcing it down into the newly-exposed hair shafts to reach the dermal cells that produce new hairs. The solution helps prevent the cell absorbing vital proteins, and without proteins, the dermal cell dies. In this regard, AE is similar to IPL or laser, in that the goal of the treatment is to disable your hair's future nutrient supplies.

Does it hurt?

Aside from the usual waxing side of things, the AE doesn't hurt at all. The process is just like getting a firm massage which can actually feel quite nice after a wax. On large body areas like backs or legs, the process will be broken up into sections to stay within the five minute time frame for each application

How long does an AE treatment take?

About twice as long as a standard waxing treatment for the same area.

How many Active Enzyme treatments will I need?

You should generally begin to see results after 3 or 4 treatments. The hair should come back in the same areas but finer with each treatment. The total number of treatments will depend on the results you are trying to achieve.

What areas can be treated with Active Enzyme?

Everywhere really, but if you are thinking genitalia, please read the notes in the price list further down this page.

Does Active Enzyme Hair Removal work on everyone?

No. Around 1 in 100 people treated with AE will see little to no effect. Scientists generally concede that they only know about 5% of how the body functions, and at this stage, the reasons behind this small percentage of ineffective hair removal treatments remain a mystery. This is also why no reputable business will guarantee the results of any type of hair removal treatment.

What contraindications could prevent me receiving an Active Enzyme Hair Removal treatment?

Contraindications for AE are the same as for Waxing. You can read the full list here:

Waxing Contraindications

How long should I leave between treatments?

Thinner hairs are easier to kill, so treatments spaced four weeks apart will achieve the best result. This allows the hair to break through the surface of the skin sufficiently to be waxed, while not giving the hairs too much time to grow in width.

I'm already thinking of getting PTF Hair Removal. Should I consider AE instead?

If you are a perfect candidate for PTF Hair Removal, i.e. dark hair and pale skin, and you have no other contraindications, get PTF. I recommend that path because light-based hair removal will do a quicker job than AE, and also because you might find AE a handy add-on treatment once you've finished your PTF course to tidy up any stray blonds, reds, or greys.

If you are not a perfect candidate for PTF, i.e. you have dark skin or if the majority of your hair is blond, brown, red, or grey, I recommend doing Active Enzyme. Here's a quick link if you want to look at what PTF entails:

PTF Hair Removal

Prices .:. Active Enzyme Hair Reduction

Some areas are technically difficult to treat with AE. Please call if you can't find your desired treatment area listed below. Prices listed are for both men and women unless stated otherwise.

Active Enzyme & Waxing treatment ~ Face

Mid Brow$35
Ladies' Lip$35
Ladies' Chin$45
Ladies' Lip & Chin *COMBO DEAL*$75
Ladies' Cheeks$75
Men's Cheeks$95
Ladies' Neck$89

Active Enzyme & Waxing treatment ~ Upper Body

NOTE: For ladies' breast and nipple treatments, see 'Intimate Areas' section further down the page.

Under Arms$59
Upper Arms$99
3/4 Arms$185
Top of Shoulders$129
Chest & Stomach *COMBO DEAL*$239
Obliques (sides of back and stomach)$149
Upper Back (not shoulders, obliques & deltoids)$175
Full Back (not shoulders, obliques & deltoids)$239
Full Back, Shoulders, Delts *COMBO DEAL*$289

Active Enzyme & Waxing treatment ~ Lower Body

Feet & Toes$89
Lower Legs$199
Ladies' Inner Thigh$149
Upper Legs & Bikini$199
Ladies' Full Legs (optional Bikini)$349
Men's Full Legs (optional bikini)$379
Bum Crease$89
Full Bum (Cheeks & Bum Crease)$145
Full Bum & Lumbar *COMBO DEAL*$195

Active Enzyme & Waxing ~ Intimate Areas

A note re intimate areas, eg penis, labia, breasts, and scrotum for AE treatments: As you can imagine, having a therapist massage a solution into these areas for 30-60 seconds might feel awkward for you, so you need to take this fact into consideration. That said, these areas can be treated if you want them done, and indeed people do get them done.

Ladies Bikini$65
Ladies G String Bikini$75
Ladies Brazilian (any treatment that incl labia)$95
Ladies Brazilian & Underarms$139
Mens Speedo Bikini$65
Men's BoyLeg Bikini$175
Mens Brazilian (any treatment that incl penis or scrotum)$135
Men's Brazilian & Full Bum *COMBO DEAL*$250