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Nail fungus, or Onychomycosis to use its technical name, isn't a sexy subject. In fact, it's probably fair to say that there's a fair bit of stigma surrounding it.

That's peculiar though, given that one in four Australians are affected by nail fungus at any given time. One in four. That makes fungal nail infections more common than acne.

You've probably already tried lacquers, creams, and other topicals, which have done nothing. They're very expensive with a 5-10% success rate, and most GPs don't bother prescribing them anymore.

They are far more likely to recommend you try light-based treatments such as laser or IPL which have proven far more effective. Here at Reef, we use PTF technology, a medical grade variation of IPL.

My prices and FAQ on Nail Fungus Treatments are further down the page so read on for all the info. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Prices ~ Rockhampton Toe Nail Fungus Treatments

One Foot$89
Both Feet$149

Questions & Answers ~ Rockhampton Toe Nail Fungus Treatments

Nail Fungus treatment case study using IPL laser at Reef Studios Rockhampton
Toe nail fungus case study

What causes toenail fungus?

Fungus likes moist body parts. Toe nails are prime targets given that they are often covered with socks for most of the day, and perspiration creates an ideal environment for fungus to grow.

Not surprisingly, toe nail fungus is very common in athletes, truck and taxi drivers, and labourers.

What can do I do to help prevent toe nail fungus?

Let your feet breathe throughout the day. Keep them clean with baby wipes or alcohol swabs. Change your socks and definitely take them off when you don't need to be wearing them.

Also remember to moisturise your feet to keep the skin healthy and minimise the risk of infections.

Can I claim nail fungus treatments through my private health fund?


How does IPL work on toenail fungus?

The light targets affected areas in much the same way as IPL/PTF targets hyperpigmentation and acne bacteria when trying to correct other skin conditions.

Light converts to heat which subsequently kills the fungus. It also dries out the damaged nail plate making it non-conducive for fungus to regain a foothold. The treatment also encourages an exponential increase in collagen production. Over coming weeks, new nail bed replaces the old damaged section but this time, without the fungus.

A positive side effect of the treatment is that the new nail bed should return flatter, and subsequently the nail above it will be smoother in appearance than the old section of nail.

How many IPL nail fungus treatments will I need?

There's no way to give an exact number at the outset of beginning treatments, but a typical plan would begin with four fortnightly treatments, followed by 6 monthly treatments. Using topicals between treatments where fungus is external and able to be directly applied to, may be of extra benefit, but is not essential.

What preparation is needed before a treatment for fungal nail infection?

Wash your feet with soap before you come in. If wearing shoes, wear clean socks. Treatments can't be performed if you are wearing nail polish or lacquers of any kind, or within one hour of using polish remover.