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Without a doubt, backs are the most common body area a man will ask about waxing. Perhaps not coincidentally, back hair is also the number one pet hate when it comes to body hair for partners, whether male or female.

Thankfully, back waxing is a very straightforward treatment nowadays and most towns and suburbs have at least one local beauty or male waxing studio that will perform a men's back waxing treatment.

Preparing for a back wax

By no means is this an exhaustive list of preparations. If you would like to learn more about how to prepare for a waxing treatment, check out:

Tips and Tricks for Men's Waxing

Know how much you will be paying

One man's back is different to the next in regard to hair growth. Some guys just have a few patches here and there while others will have wrap-around dense pubic hair over their entire back and sides.

For this reason, backs are sometimes divided up into areas when it comes to pricing. Here's an example from our price list (not necessarily current):

Body Part prices and definitions for Men's Body Waxing in Rockhampton

Back & Shoulders $69

Back, Shoulders & Delts $75

Back, Shoulders, Delts & 20 min back massage special price$120

Back, Shoulders, Delts & Obliques $85

Full Torso - Back, Shoulders, Delts, Obliques, Chest & Stomach special price$148

Things that might prevent you from receiving a back wax

Some medical conditions, supplements, and other factors may make your skin or hair unsuitable for a waxing treatment. You can find a comprehensive list of these factors in this article:

Contraindications for Waxing

After your back wax appointment


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