Hairy man trimming his chest hair with electric clippers

Hair Trimmers

What are hair trimmers?

There are lots of names for what is essentially the same thing. Clippers, hair trimmers, manscapers, beard trimmers etc.

They are all a variation on the same theme. An electric motor drives a row of fine teeth against a fixed plate to create a cutting edge.

Who should use hair trimmers?

This depends on the result you are trying to achieve. If you like, you can read the article, Hair Removal Methods for a complete list of options, but to answer concisely here, hair trimmers are aimed at people who want near-smooth skin but not perfectly smooth like you would achieve with shaving or waxing.

Types of clippers

Sometimes there might be a second moving plate which suggests twin-blade closeness. Other options such as blade width make the trimmers suitable for specific purposes, e.g. beard or scalp art, or a foil guard which theoretically prevents hair getting near the motor.

One of the more peculiar selling points is that some trimmers are waterproof and can be used in the shower. Given that they achieve the best result when used on dry hair, this seems a rather bizarre bragging point.

body hair trimmers

Why clipper instead of shaving or waxing?

There are several good reasons. Trimmers serve a specific purpose, that is to cut the hair as close as possible to the skin while minimising the risk of cuts unless you push too hard or the skin isn't held very tight. Yes I'm referring unsubtly to labia and scrotums. When used in conjunction with depth guides, they are also great for stylistic designs.

When I treat clients in my waxing rooms, it is quite common to wax a person's genitalia but clipper say, the pubic crest or mons, and butt cheeks.

I want the very best. Which hair trimmers don't nick but leave perfectly smooth skin

Despite all the hype, there is no such thing.

These claims became a bit of an urban myth during COVID lockdowns due to people not being able to go to waxing studios. Clients began looking for the next best thing, and less scrupulous online sellers started making some rather dubious claims in order to sell over-priced clippers to the masses.

Now that the initial hype is over and a year or two has passed, go through their reviews and see the amount of complaints they've received about nicks and cuts.

The reality is that you can't have it both ways, that is skin clippered perfectly smooth without the risk of cuts or nicks. Try sliding a razor blade along a balloon and see what happens. Think about it - the claim doesn't even make sense.


Hair trimmers are definitely a valid and worthwhile form of grooming body and pubic hair, and are especially suitable for modest or insecure men who prefer to take care of business in the privacy of their own home.


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